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IICF Week of Giving

Nonprofit Organizations:

IICF Week of Giving brings together insurance industry professionals from across the United States and United Kingdom for a dedicated week of volunteer service to support local community nonprofits. IICF invites nonprofit organizations to participate with us in the Week of Giving and benefit from outstanding industry volunteers. No volunteer project is too small or too large!

Benefits to participating nonprofits include:

  • Skilled volunteers to assist during the Week of Giving.
  • Exposure to new individuals and companies.
  • Potential long-term volunteers. Many Week of Giving volunteers become regular, long-term volunteers.

To participate in the Week of Giving:

  1. Register your organization.
  2. Submit volunteer projects through the Week of Giving website.

Please allow 48 hours for submitted projects to be reviewed, approved and published on the Week of Giving website.

Viewing Registered Volunteers
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Nonprofit Registration

For assistance with registration or questions about projects, please call (424) 253-1107 or email contact@iicf.com.

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