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Litter Obliterators Group/Family Project


Litter threatens the health and beauty of our natural areas. Show that you care and inspire others to care by cleaning up your favorite grove, trail or shoreline.



Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Sunday: Afternoons, Monday: Mornings, Monday: Afternoons, Tuesday: Mornings, Tuesday: Afternoons, Wednesday: Mornings, Wednesday: Afternoons, Thursday: Mornings, Thursday: Afternoons, Friday: Mornings, Friday: Afternoons, Saturday: Mornings, Saturday: Afternoons, Season: Spring, Season: Summer, Season: Fall

Cook County IL

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Requirements & Documents

- This is a self-led project
- We will provide gloves, trash bags, preparation and safety information (see attachment called "document")
- Volunteers should dress to be outside. Wear layers, sturdy shoes and clothes that can get dirty (see attachment called "what to wear/bring")
- You can customize your day by adding educational & recreational activities
- Once you apply for this Opportunity, a staff member will contact you to set up the details of your group cleanup

Be prepared to tell us:
1. How many people are in your group (up to 100)
2. Your preferred site. If you do not have a preference, we can help you find one close to you
3. Your preferred date and time (cleanups can take place April thru November and typically last two hours)


     What to wear/bring

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