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Somme Woods - Stewardship Volunteer Days

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Somme Woods, the furthest east of the Sommes, has bur and white oak woodlands with massive old oaks, open marshes, and ephemeral ponds. Rich with native plants and animals, they are being restored to their original beauty by North Branch Restoration Project volunteers. A resting bald eagle greeted a volunteer work crew here on one workday.

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Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian or attend with a chaperoned organized youth group (school, scouts, church). Volunteers under age 18 must have their volunteer waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.


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28 May 2022

Stewardship Volunteer Days

Meeting Place: Parking lot

Contact: Stephanie Place

Phone: (608) 214-7847

Available Positions:  17

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Somme Woods Dundee Road
Northbrook IL, 60062

Somme Prairie Grove sits west of Waukegan Ave on the north side of Dundee Rd, while Somme Woods lies on the east side. The workday meeting place for both sites is the Forest Preserve parking lot on the north side of Dundee, just east of Waukegan.

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Requirements & Documents

All individuals should consider their level of risk for the COVID-19 virus prior to engaging in any volunteer service.

Review the Forest Preserve''s COVID-19 page each day before volunteering for important updates and safety precautions.

DO NOT attempt to volunteer if in the last 14 days you:
1. have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 as identified by the Centers for Disease Control
2. have traveled to any foreign country or states with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections

Staff and volunteer leaders will implement protocols to ensure physical distancing, glove and mask usage, and tool sanitizing.

Wear all essential personal protection equipment (PPE) including a face mask.
Always keep a minimum distance of six feet from other volunteers.
Plan accordingly, as many public restrooms are closed.
Bring your own gloves, snack, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitizer.

Tools and instructions are provided by the steward. It is not necessary to pre-register, but if a group of more than 5-6 are planning to come, please let the steward know that, so that adequate supplies can be provided.

Dress for the weather and the outdoors. We strongly encourage boots/sturdy shoes and clothes that can get wear and tear. Natural fabrics are best, especially if brushpiles may be burned.

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