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Poplar Creek- Schaumburg Road Grasslands-Stewardship Volunteer Days


We are restoring prairies and groves of oak-hickory woodlands at this site. It is home to numerous rare grassland birds, including Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks, Henslow's Sparrows, Grasshopper Sparrows. We are removing invasive plants and restoring the native vegetative biodiversity while increasing the habitats for birds. No experience is necessary: just an interest in working with others to protect and restore our natural areas. Activities may include seed collection, planting, cutting brush, or pulling invasive species, depending on the season.

The Poplar Creek Prairie Stewards have transformed agricultural fields and farm homesteads into healthy native habitats- tallgrass prairie, oak woodland, savanna and wetland. Their efforts have seen native plants, birds and animals thrive. They also protect a jewel on the site: the Shoe Factory Nature Preserve, a remnant gravel hill prairie formed thousands of years ago by glacial deposits. Outdoor workdays are held every weekend all year. Volunteers receive training and tools for all activities and are supervised by knowledgeable personnel. You just need a willingness to get involved and learn!

Students age 18 and older are welcome. Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian during the workday, and who will sign for the minor on the Volunteer Day Waiver sign-in sheet at the beginning of the workday.


Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Saturday: Mornings, Season: Spring, Season: Summer, Season: Fall, Season: Winter
Schaumburg Road and Rosewood Drive
Streamwood IL, 60107

Parking lot on north side of Schaumburg Road, 1/3 mile west of Rt. 59. The sign will read equestrian entrance

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Steward Jan Ahrensfeld


Requirements & Documents

No experience is necessary. We remove invasive species, collect native seed, and spread seed, among other activities. We are of all ages, and we share a common interest in restoring and protecting our local natural areas.

Dressing the right way for workdays will make your experience a lot more enjoyable. Sturdy footwear is essential, preferably hiking boots.

Minimum clothing for COLD weather includes: long pants, long sleeves, gloves, warm socks, boots, warm coat, and hat or hood. Dress in layers and wear old clothing made of natural fibers.

Minimum clothing for WARM weather includes: long pants, socks, sturdy shoes, long sleeves, sunglasses, and a sun hat. Use an appropriate sunscreen, and insect repellent. Shorts, skirts, capri pants, tank tops, and sandals are never a good idea on the prairie or in the woodland, even in warm weather. Bring water. We provide tools, work gloves, and snacks.

All volunteers need to complete the volunteer agreement and waiver form in order to participate. Be prepared for variable weather, uneven terrain, standing and/or walking for two or more hours, working near a fire, and hazardous insects and plants. Youth under 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent/guardian or attend with a chaperoned organized youth group (school, scouts, church). Volunteers under age 18 must have their volunteer waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

What to Expect
Stewardship volunteers help to restore natural habitat by performing seasonal restoration tasks. The work may include removing weeds and invasive vegetation, cutting and burning invasive woody plants, collecting and spreading native seed, and collecting trash. These tasks may incorporate the use of tools, including hand saws, loppers, pruning shears, trowels, shovels, rakes, and other hand tools (manual). All necessary tools, supplies, gloves, and training will be provided.

While we strive to create the safest environment possible, it is impossible to eliminate all potential hazards when working outside in nature. Volunteers are advised to wear long pants, sturdy closed-toe shoes and other seasonally appropriate clothing that can get dirty. Bring a water bottle. Hazards may include stinging or biting insects, poison ivy, walking on uneven terrain, a fire to burn cut brush, and inclement weather.
All individuals should consider their level of risk for the COVID-19 virus prior to engaging in any volunteer service. Review the Forest Preserve's COVID-19 page each day before volunteering for important updates and safety precautions. DO NOT attempt to volunteer if in the last 14 days you: 1. have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 as identified by the Centers for Disease Control 2. have traveled to any foreign country or states with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections.

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