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Poplar Creek- Carl Hansen Woods- Stewardship Volunteer Days


The Poplar Creek Prairie Stewards have transformed agricultural fields and farm homesteads into healthy native ecosystems, ranging from tallgrass prairies to wetlands. Their efforts have seen native plants, birds and animals thrive. Outdoor workdays are held every weekend all year. Volunteers receive training and tools for all activities and are supervised by knowledgeable personnel. You just need a willingness to get involved and learn!



Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Saturday: Mornings, Season: Spring, Season: Summer, Season: Fall, Season: Winter
Shoe Factory Road Woods
Hoffman Estates IL, 60120

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Contact person for opportunity

John T Navin
(630) 894-3499

Requirements & Documents

Dressing the right way for workdays will make your experience a lot more enjoyable. Keep in mind that during the fall, winter, and early spring, it can be colder on the prairie than it is at home. Usually, though, temperatures warm as the morning progresses, dress in layers that you can remove or add as needed.

Minimum clothing for cold weather includes: long pants, long sleeves, gloves, warm socks, boots, warm coat, and hat or hood.

Minimum clothing for warm weather includes: long pants, socks, sturdy shoes, long sleeves, sunglasses, and a sun hat.We also recommend that you use an appropriate sunscreen, and if you have preferences for insect repellent, that you bring your choice.
Comfortable as they are, shorts, skirts, capri pants, tank tops, and sandals are never a good idea on the prairie or in the woodland, even in warm weather. Walking in rough terrain among tall plants poses hazards that will make these sorts of clothes very uncomfortable.

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