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Invasive Species Monitor


Invasive Species Monitors explore and monitor a site for new or expanding populations of invasive species and report what they find to the Site Steward.  All work requires approval and coordination by the Site Steward and must be within the management schedule. If authorized by the Site Steward, they may also remove invasive plants or seedheads - or treat with herbicide, if a certified Herbicider.


Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Sunday: Afternoons, Monday: Mornings, Monday: Afternoons, Tuesday: Mornings, Tuesday: Afternoons, Wednesday: Mornings, Wednesday: Afternoons, Thursday: Mornings, Thursday: Afternoons, Friday: Mornings, Friday: Afternoons, Saturday: Mornings, Saturday: Afternoons, Season: Spring, Season: Fall

Cook County IL

Contact Info

Contact person for opportunity

Stewardship Program Coordinator
Raquel Garcia-Alvarez
(773) 631-1790

Requirements & Documents

Identified by Site Steward as Monitor
Able to identify target species & understands control methods
Understand herbicide application techniques if using herbicide
GIS or other mapping skills – nice to have but are not necessary

Able to accurately identify invasive species and report any new invaders to Site Steward and ultimately, Regional Ecologist
Report location of populations discovered, estimated size, etc. to Site Steward
If a certified herbicider, able to perform herbicide application and keep records of usage

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