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Leadership Opening: Aspiring Workday Leader


Have you recently left a restoration workday feeling so inspired that you thought about becoming a stewardship leader yourself? The Path to Stewardship Program can get you there, become an Aspiring Stewardship Workday Leader today! Stewardship Workday Leaders communicate with the Site Steward(s) to plan workdays that are productive and inclusive, and most importantly operate within the site's approved Management Schedule.  

Learn to Plan Down to the Last Details: 
Workday logistics such as: bringing the appropriate tools, posting signage when needed, collecting signed waivers, assuring brush pile calls are made and any other reporting or tasks are completed as needed.

Lead by Example:
Introductions and a site orientation help your group feel included and informed right from the start. Learn to effectively communicate workday safety rules, demonstrate proper techniques for basic workday activities (brush cutting, brush pile burning, collecting and sowing seed). Become confident in identifying target species and share your knowledge with others to ensure a targeted and productive workday.

Available Forest Preserve Sites where Stewardship Workday Leaders are needed (download site descriptions):*
*Busse Woods
*Dolton Prairie
*Sundown Meadow
*Brookfield Prairie


Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Sunday: Afternoons, Saturday: Mornings, Saturday: Afternoons, Season: Spring, Season: Summer, Season: Fall, Season: Winter

Cook County IL

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Requirements & Documents

Identify a Steward who agrees to be your Coach through the Stewardship Workday Leader process, download the informational packet in the attachment link above.

Complete the 3 required courses:
1) Brush Pile Building and Burning
2) Managing Invasives
3) Group Leadership Training

Complete the Coaching process:
A) Observe Main Coach at a workday from start through finish
B) Observe One workdaysat an alternate stewardship site with a different steward
C) Lead workday at Main Site with Main Coach
D) Lead 1 workday with alternate Mentor observing either at main or alternate site
Recommendation for approval is signed by your coach


     Workday Leader Observation Form A


     Workday Leader Observation Form B


     Workday Leader Observation Form C


     Workday Leader Observation Form D

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