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Trail Watch - New Volunteer Training (currently scheduled class)

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Be a part of our rapidly-growing community of Trail Watch Volunteers. Attending a Trail Watch New Volunteer Training session is required to be a Trail Watch Volunteer. Learn about the program, meet Police and Volunteer Resource Staff and socialize with fellow volunteers.



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13 Oct 2019

Trail Watch Training

Meeting Place: Camp Sullivan Barn

Contact: Joanna Huyck

Phone: 773-631-1790

Notes: Current Volunteers need not attend Available Positions:  16

9:00 am - 10:30 am

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Cook County IL

Contact Info

Contact person for opportunity

Volunteer Program Coordinator
Joanna Huyck
(773) 631-1790

Requirements & Documents

Become additional eyes and ears of our Law Enforcement Department. Be a visible presence to help make our preserves welcoming and inviting to all visitors, as you are out enjoying the preserves.

A background check is required, see the attached document for a full Trail Watch Volunteer position description.

This new Volunteer Training will be taught in January, April, July and October. New training dates coming soon!


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