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Nature Ambassador- Supporter


Do you enjoy connecting your friends, family and even complete strangers to the Forest Preserves? Make your excellent efforts official and become a Nature Ambassador Supporter. Help spread the word about the resources, programs and the benefits the Forest Preserves has to offer. Guidance will be provided.


Unlimited Positions available!


Cook County IL

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Requirements & Documents

Serve as a liaison between your group/community and the Forest Preserves by:
* Sharing information about events via email
* Handing out program brochures and other informational materials
* Providing feedback to the FPCC on the experiences of your group/community
* Reporting your engagement efforts on a quarterly basis
* Attending an annual meeting in your area with other ambassadors, FPCC staff and partners to discuss engagement strategies
* Showing the Forest Preserves Documentary to your group

The training for this role is easy, please join us!

See the attachment "Position Description" for more details

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