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Cap Sauers Moraines - Stewardship Volunteer Days


Cap Sauers is the largest nature preserve in northeastern Illinois. Its 1,520 acres feature rolling hills, running streams, and the Visitation esker, a rare type of glacial formation. Restoration activities include the removal of invasive species like honeysuckle and buckthorn, and the collection and distribution of seeds of desirable native plants. Main tools used are loppers and hand saws. Weather permitting, we may build and burn brush piles.


Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Afternoons, Saturday: Mornings
Cap Sauers Holdings
Lemont IL, 60464

Driveway of old FP watchman's house on Ford Rd.

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Requirements & Documents

* Wear long sleeves, long slacks or jeans, and sturdy shoes for walking over uneven terrain.
* Natural fiber clothing (wool or cotton) works best, especially when burning brush piles.
* Multiple layers on cool days allow you to shed a layer as the day warms.
* We provide gloves and the necessary tools, as well as snacks, but please consider bringing extra water

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