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Perkins Woods - Stewardship Volunteer Days


Dwight Perkins Woods is the only Forest Preserve in Evanston. It is named for the originator of the Forest Preserve District, Dwight Perkins. It is a small 7.5 acre native woodland adjacent to Lincolnwood School. It is a popular birding spot and is distinctive for the beauty of its spring wildflowers. Invasive species removal of buckthorn, honeysuckle and garlic mustard, and cleanup, are our major workday activities.


Unlimited Positions available!


Saturday: Mornings, Season: Spring, Season: Winter
Perkins Woods
Evanston IL, 60201

Corner of Grant and Bennett

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Requirements & Documents

All individuals should consider their level of risk for the COVID-19 virus prior to engaging in any volunteer service.

Review the Forest Preserve''s COVID-19 page each day before volunteering for important updates and safety precautions.

DO NOT attempt to volunteer if in the last 14 days you:
1. have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 as identified by the Centers for Disease Control
2. have traveled to any foreign country or states with a high incidence of COVID-19 infections

Staff and volunteer leaders will implement protocols to ensure physical distancing, glove and mask usage, and tool sanitizing.

Wear all essential personal protection equipment (PPE) including a face mask.
Always keep a minimum distance of six feet from other volunteers.
Plan accordingly, as many public restrooms are closed.
Bring your own gloves, snack, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitizer.

We work in all weather, so appropriate dress is important. Wear boots.

Work gloves and tools (loppers and saws) are provided for cutting buckthorn and honeysuckle. Please bring water, a hot drink, and anything else you might want while working in winter

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