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Trail Watch - New Volunteer Training (currently scheduled class)


Be a part of our rapidly-growing community of Trail Watch Volunteers. Attending a Trail Watch New Volunteer Training session is required to be a Trail Watch Volunteer for 2018. Learn about the program, meet Police and Volunteer Resource Staff and socialize with fellow volunteers.



Unlimited Positions available!


Cook County IL

Contact Info

Contact person for opportunity

Volunteer Program Coordinator
Joanna Huyck
(773) 631-1790

Requirements & Documents

Become additional eyes and ears of our Law Enforcement Department. Be a visible presence to help make our preserves welcoming and inviting to all visitors, as you are out enjoying the preserves.

A background check is required, see the attached document for a full Trail Watch Volunteer position description.

This new Volunteer Training will be taught in January, April, July and October. New training dates coming soon!


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