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SOLO- Select Organized Litter Obliterators


This is for any individual Forest Preserves volunteer, new or experienced, to record their hours for picking up litter at any site and at anytime the Forest Preserves are open. The "Buddy System" is encouraged...bring along a friend/family member.

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Unlimited Positions available!


Sunday: Mornings, Sunday: Afternoons, Monday: Mornings, Monday: Afternoons, Tuesday: Mornings, Tuesday: Afternoons, Wednesday: Mornings, Wednesday: Afternoons, Thursday: Mornings, Thursday: Afternoons, Friday: Mornings, Friday: Afternoons, Saturday: Mornings, Saturday: Afternoons, Season: Spring, Season: Summer, Season: Fall

Cook County IL

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Airis Cervantes

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*The "Buddy System" is encouraged...bring along a friend/family.
* Review the Forest Preserve's COVID-19 page each day before volunteering for closure information, important updates, safety precautions, and bathrooms. Stay 6 ft away from others.
* FOR VOLUNTEER SAFETY: Park only in Forest Preserves lots; walk only on Forest Preserves property; avoid moving traffic; Stay at least 20 feet away from roadsides.
* If you encounter non-emergency issues at a site call the Forest Preserve police at 708.771.1001 or in case of emergency, 911. Do not confront visitors.
* Collection of plants and animals is strictly prohibited. This includes harvesting firewood; collecting mushrooms, wildflowers or other wild plants and their seeds; and otherwise removing or damaging any plants or trees.
* Bring your own snack and water bottle.
* Place trash in Forest Preserves trash bins in parking lots. If blue recycling bin present, use it. If bin is overflowing, please find another trash can to dispose of litter.
* Please bring your own supplies; gloves, bags, and pick-up tools, if you have them. Get creative! Old salad or barbecue tongs work!
* Please record your volunteer hours online in your profile after each volunteer visit.

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